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Underground events in Brugge

A few things we’re proud of

‘De Drie Koningen’ Already in the 14th century merchants stayed in ‘guest houses’ in Bruges, nearby the harbour.
There is evidence that ‘De Drie Koningen’ in the Twijnstraat was one of these guest houses. Later, the site was frequently used as a safe house or lodging for travellers.

Since 1995 we have continued this tradition of hospitality by converting the building into 6 spacious and luxurious vacation apartments based around a central courtyard.

‘De Vergulde Fontein’

By renovating ‘De Drie Koningen’ the history of this building became clear as we discovered one of the most beautiful and best preserved 14th century cellars in Bruges. 

The ‘Vergulde Fontein’ is an exceptional venue where you can experience with friends or family all the good things in life.

Belgian beer tasting

In the Middle Ages, beer was already brewed in abbeys in this region. But in the 19th century, hundreds of breweries in the country were at the basis of a true beer culture.

‘De Vergulde Fontein’ is the ideal setting for tasting together our Trappists and other beers we are proud of. Join us for a Belgian beer or local beer tasting

A special venue for special occasions

Beer and gastronomy have found each other in recent years. Beer is increasingly being used in the preparation of cheeses, pâtés and other dishes such as mussels, rabbit or eel.

Enjoy the best of both worlds in group in a beer tasting with accompanying local cheese and meat preparations – as a bite or as an extensive meal.

Our passion: Argentine Tango

Some people are very reserved to learn Argentine tango … unless somewhere in a hidden and safe place. A spot that appeals to the imagination and where grace, melancholy, modesty come to their full advantage.

If you ever want to learn the basics of Argentine tango, this is where you can try with your partner or in limited company.

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Start ‘Teenage Tango’

Reeks van 4 lessen Argentijnse tango voor tieners. 

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‘De Drie Koningen’ offers 6 spacious and luxurious apartments based around a central courtyard with swimming pool, providing parking spaces and many special features to offer you a ‘home away from home’. 

A perfect place for a relaxing stay with friends or family.

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